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Our Zero Food Waste(ZFW) bag is now available to order for the holidays! It is called a ZFW bag because by purchasing it, you are not only helping us stay alive as a small business but also helping shape what kind of an environment and planet future generations will inherit from us.

All of the food waste our business produces is turned into animal feed and/or compost. We have been proudly doing this for many years now, and this is how we want to share the spirit of the holidays and show optimism in such challenging times.

Zero Food Waste Gift Bag

La Botana Bag

Totopos (200g)
Salsa Macha (250ml)
Queso Fresco (350g)

La Botana Bag

Plato Fuerte Bag

40 Tortillas (1 kg)
Chile Morita (250ml)
Por Vida Madre Mole (250ml)
Queso Oaxaca (300g)
Taco Filling of Your Choice (452g)

Plato Fuerte Bag
Choose Your Filling

El Combo Bag

La Botana Bag + Plato Fuerte Bag

El Combo Bag
Choose Your Filling

Add Special Upgrade Items

Upgrade with Coffee and Mezcal

Mezcal Agua Santa

Mezcal Agua Santa (Espadin) 750ml: $80.00

Coffee Maderas (ground) 1/2lb

Coffee Maderas (ground) 1/2lb: $13.00

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Nixtamal Products


Masa per kilo: $8.00

Fresh Tortillas 20 Pack

Fresh Tortillas 20 Pack: $6.00

Totopo Bags

Totopos Bags: $7.00

Tamales 4 Pack $20.00

Tamales 4 Pack

Taco Fillings 1lb $25.00

Taco Fillings

Salsa and Chilies

Chile Morita

Chile Morita: $10.00

Salsa Macha

Salsa Macha: $12.00


Guacamole: $5.00

Special Seasonal Products

Queso Oaxaca

Queso Oaxaca: $7.50

Queso Fresco

Queso Fresco: $8.50

Corn Husk for making Tamales (Hoja de Tamal)

Corn Husk for making Tamales (Hoja de Tamal): $8.50

Baffin Island Turbot

Baffin Island Turbot: $12.00

Baffin Island Char

Baffin Island Char: $12.00

Organic Black Turtle Beans

Organic Black Turtle Beans: $5.00

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