About Us

Maizal Tortilleria Inc.

Our focus is locally grown maize(corn). We make delicious tortillas and chips containing nothing but sustainable corn from family farms. Our farming supply chain operates in The Ontario Greenbelt and The Ottawa Valley. Our clients are located primarily in Ontario but we currently ship as far as Alberta.  

Our Values

Zero Food Waste

Food waste from all our kitchens goes back to our farm for composting. We offer zero packaging options as well!

Sustainable Farming Practices

We are farmers! Come visit our farm to see for yourself how we are preserving non-gmo heritage grains and promoting agro-ecological practices that help build healthy soil and water.

Supporting Local Farmers

We have personal relationships and trust in the seed and soil. Thank you for supporting local food and farming families.

Circular Economy

Due to our innovative and localized policies, we are apart of the City of Toronto’s Circular Economic Working Group.

Food Security and Sovereignty

Maizal is committed to delivering tasty, healthy, and nutritious food. Our 100% Nixtamal products do not contain any animal products, wheat, preservatives, or artificial ingredients.

Farm to Table - Table to Farm

From the seed and soil, to the customer,  and back to the farm. This is our recipe to increase food security and sovereignty in our community.

It Starts From The Seed

We are helping to persevere heritage and non-gmo seeds for the future.

We Are Farmers

We grow maize at our R'n'D farm plot located just outside of Toronto.

Maximizing Taste & Nutrition

100% nixtamal ground fresh daily.

Composting Food Waste

All food waste goes to the farm for upcycling into compost.