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Kernels of Wisdom – What is Nixtamalization?

Nixtamalization is a culinary treasure that has been the beating heart of Mexico’s gastronomic heritage for centuries. Born from the wisdom of ancient times , this process breathes life into humble corn kernels, transforming them into the cornerstone of our vibrant and flavorful cuisine. It involves cooking and soaking corn kernels in an alkaline solution,…

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Edible Toronto: Making Tortilla One Cob at a Time

Click Here To Read The Original Article on Edible Toronto's Website BY JONATHAN SILVER / PHOTOGRAPHY BY LUKE CLARRIDGE | OCTOBER 13, 2018 Tortillas at Maizal are cooked on the flat-top every day to ensure ultimate freshness. For Ivan Wadgymar, Maizal’s founder and owner, this way of cooking pays respect to the heritage and culture of Mexico. He calls them…

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The Globe and Mail: The farm-to-table journey of Ontario maize

Click Here to Read Original Article On The Globe and Mail Website   How a Toronto-based tortilleria keeps it authentically local THE PRODUCER: Cavaleiro Farm It is late June on a plot of land in the greenbelt village of Schomberg, Ont., just outside King City. Planted in neat rows, a field of corn is growing,…

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